Leadership Team

Susan Timothy

Susan, founder and entrepreneur have been sailing the seas of property management for over 10 plus years and she’s been winning ever since. She thrives on improving long-term company operations and excellent customer service skills at Keyshell. She loves laughing and enjoying a conversation with customers while she introduces our exceptional services! She is specialized in single family, multi-family has a passion for tenant relations. Her passion towards real estate drives her to exceed and grow, build relationships and finding ways to improve her skills she already has. As a local resident, Susan as an indepth understanding of rental market like the back of her hand! Outside of work when Susan isn't running at 200% with Keyshell, she enjoys her time with her husband and darling two kids.

Muzamil Wajid

I have now lived out of India for more than twenty years and have heavily invested my earnings in properties in my homeland, with the hope for these properties to become home to my children and to me when I return to my country. My family and I, we are emotionally attached to our properties. However, when family members who were helping in handling the properties started moving out of the country, then managing the houses and the properties posed a big challenge. Ageing relatives could not be troubled to handle heavy matters of tenant search, placement of trustworthy tenants and other real estate related requirements. That’s when I turned to available management options in the market and was hit with the circumstance of facing non-transparent companies that were not reliable with matters of safekeeping of my properties. At such a time of desperate need I connected with Susan and she reached out to manage my properties. I saw a need for a person with her attributes to manage homes; having already met many home owners like me, living out of the country struggling to find a property management company offering a wide range of value added to make life stress free in the area of real estate. After months of valuable research KEYSHELL was birthed to bring to you a fine experience with your property in management, rental and other value-added services. As a company, we endeavour to be of service to you in the safekeeping and managing of your valuable property while you can go about your work within the city or away. Looking forward to connecting with you.